Early influences 

From a young age I have always been surrounded by creative family and friends. After college I joined a NYC advertising firm, Lord Geller Federico, whose accounts included Tiffany, the New Yorker, Napier, elegant things. 

Everything my now late ex-husband did was a living, breathing creative event. A sculptor, he did work with the National Cathedral, which was just a ten minute run up the hill from our home. I was a sponge, absorbing ideas and processes. 

Recent inspiration-photography

I eventually moved to the Northern Neck in Virginia and remarried. The beautiful scenery caught my attention. Fifteen years ago, after watching me spend ridiculous amounts on film processing, my husband, Al, gave me a digital camera. My interest in photography soared, allowing me to take 100 shots of a sunset over the course of an hour knowing the cost of developing every shot was a thing of the past. 

Recent inspiration-painting

Six years ago, I took a collage class and although the specific technique didn’t fully resonate with me, the inclination to paint on tissue paper did. So for 3 years, every evening after dinner I would do two or three tissue paper paintings. The goal of this activity was purely as a release from my daily roles of real estate broker, but more importantly, caregiver. The play of colors on paper washed away the stress of the day and gave me a sense of peace.

Kathryn Murray

Seeing beautiful scenes while driving for work I wanted to record some of these moments. Eventually I began to seek them out gravitating to foggy landscapes and seascapes. Flowers, too are a creative inspiration with my arrangements specifically created for photography. 

It is about seeing and hoping to give the viewer a few moments of peace or joy.


I have been working with a variety of media to create abstract paintings. Most work is on tissue paper and it is then applied to canvas or board. Other work is on watercolor paper with collage elements. This is about expressing energy which most often is expressed as joy.

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